The World’s strongest instant adhesive


We are sure that once you have tried Powerbond for yourself you will never want to use an inferior product again. To enable you to discover how Powerbond can benefit you we are making it available in single trade size units ideal for meeting the needs of the individual or small business user. Trade purchasers would normally buy anywhere upwards of 144 bottles at a time, if that’s you then contact us at sales@theoriginalpowerbond.com .   


Powerbond Pack 1

Powerbond Pack 2

One 20 GM (Trade Size) Bottle of PowerBond For Only £9.99 
 Two 20 GM (Trade Size) Bottles of PowerBond For Only Y £19.98 
   Plus Receive a Third Bottle Absolutely Free 

The £9.99 Package, click to enlarge

The £19.98 Package, click to enlarge

When you order two trade size bottles of Powerbond we will send you a third absolutely free of charge and with our compliments (that’s the one you lend to a friend!) 




Powerbond is despatched with full instructions plus tips and hints on how to achieve the best results and most importantly our unconditional guarantee. We believe that Powerbond is the best product of its kind available bar none and because of that we give you our no quibble guarantee. If you are not totally satisfied with Powerbond and have used it within the specifications it is designed to meet than we will refund your purchase cost unconditionally. 


Powerbond is ISO 9001 International Quality Standard Approved. That is global recognition of our commitment to quality. Why settle for second best when the best is now available to you? We know that you have choice and in a consumer driven market we know that our customers are the most important component of our business, that’s you. You can rest assured that quality, meeting the needs of our customers and a passion for excellence drive what we do and how we do it. We want you to try Powerbond, we want you to tell your friends about it and we want you to become involved in the global success story that Powerbond is. That is why we are making Powerbond available in single units and at a special price. 


We have been supplying Powerbond to our customers all over the world online for nearly ten years now. They keep coming back and they keep ordering more. Discover for yourself what it is they know and why Powerbond is their preferred choice. 


Powerbond has an unparalleled range of applications and is remarkably versatile and easy to use. The results you achieve with it can save you money, headaches and provide solutions to an amazing variety of problems that conventional adhesives simply don’t offer. 


This state of the art technology has previously been accessible only to those involved in high volume industrial environments with sufficient purchasing power to obtain the best products. We are now offering you that state of the art technology and high performance for your personal or business needs. 


Whether you are a tradesperson, hobbyist, crafter, DIY enthusiast or simply want the best products available for the best results, Powerbond is now available for you to use around the home, in your toolkit, workshop or place of work. You too can benefit from the superior technology and commitment to excellence that has gone into developing Powerbond. 


Powerbond adhesives are produced in one of the largest and most advanced facilities for cyanoacrylate synthesis in the world. The product is triple distilled for greater purity and strength. Powerbond is the result of cutting edge research and development and you will find it ideally suited to an extraordinary range of uses.  


Because of its quality, ease of use, strength and versatility Powerbond is supplied to production and design technicians and engineers as their product of choice. Why not discover for yourself today how easy it can be to achieve professional bonding results with Powerbond.