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You Will Be Amazed! 

I’m Lee Baldwin.

Some of you may recognise me in these video clips as the ‘glue guy’ from TV. I prefer to think of myself as Powerbond’s senior demonstrating executive (lol!). We thought you might enjoy seeing some of the demonstrations we’ve done on live TV and infomercials over the years; we’ve certainly enjoyed putting them together.

We did an infomercial where the bigwigs wanted to call the product Bondzalot (because it ‘Bonds-a-lot’ geddit?), well it’s still Powerbond and the demos are still well worth seeing.

We hope you enjoy them, tell us what you think.

A dog statue saved from an untimely demise, courtesy of Power Bond

Amazing UNDER WATER repair!

Witness the speed and strength of Power Bond in this demonstration

The BRUTE STRENGTH of Power Bond is undeniable. Watch this clip.

Watch the plank! See what we've "Power Bonded" here!
Power Bond's versatile ability is incredible.

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